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Navigating Pool Choices: Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools

When installing an in-ground pool for your home, the decision between a saltwater system and a traditional chlorine system is significant factor. Both have unique benefits and drawbacks that merit consideration.

Saltwater Pools


Saltwater pools offer a gentler swimming experience with reduced chlorine levels that are kinder to the skin and eyes. This system cycles salt through an electrolysis process to create a form of chlorine that works quickly and effectively without the downsides to traditional chlorine additives like strong odor and burning eyes. Homeowners choose salt pool chlorination because it simplifies maintenance, and it’s easier to balance the water in your pool. If you are familiar with ocean swimming, you may recall the sensation of sticky skin after emerging and drying off. In contrast, the water in a saltwater pool possesses a significantly lower salinity compared to seawater, resulting in a distinctly soft and luxurious feel.


Saltwater pools have higher initial costs, though they may offer long-term savings in maintenance. Due to the corrosive nature of salt, some special pool materials and equipment may be required to ensure durability and compatibility.

Chlorine Pools


Traditional chlorine pools are well-established and the initial setup is often more budget-friendly than saltwater pools. Chlorine is effective at sanitizing water, ensuring clear and safe swimming conditions. These pools also offer flexibility in design and materials, catering to a variety of aesthetic preferences.


The drawbacks of chlorine pools include the need for regular monitoring and adjustment of chlorine levels, as well as more intensive maintenance. High chlorine levels can lead to skin and eye irritation, and a noticeable chemical odor, underscoring the need for proper pool ventilation.

Is saltwater or chlorine the better choice for you?

Ultimately, the choice between a saltwater and chlorine pool depends on personal factors such as budget, maintenance preferences, and desired swimming experience. Consulting with pool experts and considering the long-term implications of each system is advisable. Each option offers a distinct approach to achieving your ideal aquatic environment.

Whether you choose the fresh feel of saltwater or stick with a classic chlorine pool, you’re on your way to having a great spot to relax and have fun for years to come. Both options have their benefits, so pick the one that suits your needs and enjoy your own personal oasis!

Choosing the Right Pool Builder

PAX Pools, an Austin pool building company, is known for its commitment to creating dream poolscapes tailored to individual preferences, family needs, home styles, and budgets. Our approach emphasizes gold-standard customer service with great communication and transparency throughout the pool construction process. We offer a range of services, including in-ground pool installation, custom pool shape design, custom spa design, pool resurfacing, hardscapes, outdoor living spaces, and landscape design.

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Josh Parker is the co-founder and CEO of PAX Pools.

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